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What to Wear to a Photo Session

How to coordinate the perfect outfits for your upcoming photo session.

I LOVE it when people ask me what they should wear to their session! It's one of my most asked questions. Believe it or not, what you wear really helps to make the photo- not just the outfit itself, but the color, the pattern, and how you coordinate them with the other people in your photos! It is equally as important as your surroundings! And I'm here to give you all of the tips and tricks!

Tip #1 - Don't Match. Coordinate.

We've all seen those family photos where everyone is wearing all white shirts and khaki pants...and maybe even those photos BELONG to you..and that's OK, but we are going to talk about a better way to coordinate stylish outfits that help add to the beauty of your portraits.

Tip #2 - Start with picking your colors!

When deciding what to wear pick 3-4 colors and start from there. Think in terms of color families- neutrals/earth tones, pastels, blue tones, etc. I like to tell people to stay clear from red and oranges as they don't photograph well. Also keep in mind your patterns. You don't want to end up with 2 people in the same pattern or everyone in a pattern. You want a good mix of different patterns and solids with the majority being solids. Stay clear of patterns smaller than a quarter. Shopping in the same store can help everyone match! For instance if you have multiple little ones to shop for usually stores like Oshkosh or old navy will carry similar outfit in the same exact color family.

I also highly recommend layering as its a good way to tie in all the colors!

If your session is at a Mountain View location I highly recommend pastels and lighter/muted colors.

Tip #3 -Logos are a NOgo

Logos and graphic tees do not photograph well and add a distracting element to your portraits. The only logo I say yes to is the small Ralph Lauren Polo logo on the pockets of men's dress shirts.

Tip #4 - Professional Hair & Makeup

Even if makeup is not your normal thing, I always recommend it so you look and FEEL your best! The beauty salon is a great confidence booster and will help you feel confident in front of the camera. After all, these photos are likely going to be hung in your home or office for others to see- so you want to look your best!

Tip #5 - Be comfortable yet cute...and ACCESSORIZE!

Whatever you choose- make sure its comfortable! The last thing you want is a tight itchy sweater or heels you don't normally wear making you look and feel uncomfortable-that will show in the portraits no matter how cute you think they are. Choose a cute outfit that doesn't slack in the comfy department and that is something you feel represents you and your style.

Wear pretty jewelry and accessorize your outfit! If you want to wear a hat I recommend to bring it and not wear it to the session- that way we can get some with and without the hat and avoid hat hair! I don't recommend ball caps for men as they cast a shadow on half of the face.

Pinterest is your best friend for outfit guides!

Keep in mind the things I've stated here, but Pinterest is great for outfit inspo- just type in what to wear to a photo session!

Some other thing to keep in mind when preparing for your session: transition lenses, glasses that reflect light and don't have an anti-glare coating, make sure your pockets are completely empty- front and back, and belts and shoes should always match!

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