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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do if it rains?

Unfortunately, we can't control the weather or we'd make it just perfect for every session! Most of our sessions are outdoors and there's no good venues in the area to move to indoors with amazing light! For locals, we can easily reschedule- but most of our clients are visiting while on vacation. Since the timing is limited, we do our best to adjust the time the day of by bumping it up before the rain or bad weather begins. If this is not possible, we try and move your session to a different date during your stay that we are available. If we attempt both of these options, and we still can't make it work then you will receive your retainer back to the original form of payment.

Why do you only shoot around sunset?

Lighting is the most important part of photography! And the mountains are even more challenging than most places when it comes to light. We photograph near sunset to give you beautiful lighting for your portraits so there's no harsh shadows, or dark circles under your eyes, and so we can properly expose so the mountains are visible and in the same lighting as you (the subject)!

Why do you require a weather window?

You'll find a lot of people in this area with a camera who will take your photos probably a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for! If you're willing to carve time out of your vacation, pay good money for portraits, and expect similar results to what you see on my website- then its my job to provide you a wonderful experience and my knowledge on how to get those beautiful portraits! To do so, sometimes that means that when the weather is not cooperating (could be rain, clouds, snow, ice, etc) I need to adjust the time to avoid rain, or avoid it getting too dark on an overcast day. The weather window is designed for my clients vacationing in the area to ensure they get to have their photos made and we don't have to cancel, and also to ensure they look great with the best lighting option we can get that day!

If I cancel will I get my retainer back?

It is industry standard for photographers to take a non-refundable retainer when booking services. The retainer is used to book a specific date and time on our calendar. Once the retainer is paid and the agreement is signed, I take that time and date off of my availability calendar. That means that no one else is able to book that time and date. The income from that blocked off date and time is how we feed our families, so we count on it! If you decide to cancel or no-show at least it can recoup some of that lost income, cover pay for my employees who get paid per booking at time of retainer, and the time we've spent coordinating your session. If you're local- it's completely non-refundable because we can always reschedule! If you're vacationing and there is bad weather, we follow the weather window in my contract, and we can't book another date during your stay- then your retainer will be refunded. 

What should I wear to my photo session?

We have a whole blog post about what to wear to your session! You can find it here:  What To Wear To Your Session

Can I change my outfit during my session?

In short, Yes! Keep in mind whatever session you chose that it is based on time and changing will cut into that time. Also, most locations I shoot at are public spots with no restrooms or area to change in so usually people change in their vehicles.

Can I do multiple locations if I want different scenery?

Yes, we offer the option to add on an additional location and 20 minutes for $150 with our Deluxe packages! The second location has to be within a 10 minute drive from the original. Keep in mind that this option also depends on availability. If it is a day we already have several sessions booked, we may not be able to accommodate the request.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards through PayPal ONLY. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay this way, simply select checkout as guest and fill out your card info. We charge a 10% convenience fee for paying with card. This covers the processing fee that PayPal charges as well as fees associated with automating the retainer and gallery hosting. You can avoid the fee (except on the retainer) by paying your balance in cash the day of your session. We do NOT accept checks. Card via PayPal and cash only. A lot of people ask if I take cash app or venmo, etc but we have a business PayPal account that protects you the consumer as well as us and for tax purposes its so much easier to only accept payments through one avenue.

Why must I book a Deluxe package if I have 8 or more people or more than 2 small children?

I have been a family photographer for thirteen years and in my experience the more people in a group, the more photo combinations are wanted/required-resulting in needing more time than 10 or 20 minutes. Also in my experience, even if you only have have one small child it may take more time for them to warm up to having their photos taken, but especially if there is more than one. If they both take awhile to warm up it is possible you won't have any good photos of them in a 10-20 minute timespan. There's also other factors, like someone getting car sick on the mountain roads, the kids napping on the drive up, if you drive separately- everyone arriving on time. It is always better to have more time than to not have enough and create a stressful situation for yourself, your family, and me (worried I won't get any good images of your kiddos and that you're not having a good experience). That is not our goal- we want everyone to have a joyous experience and love their time with us! 

Why do I need a day of coordinator with more than 40 guests?

The most important thing to me on your wedding day is that I use my talent to create beautiful images for you to cherish on your wedding day! While, I'd love to help you coordinate your day, make your timeline, pin the boutonnieres on the guys, do your makeup (I do enjoy that), and keep you on track all day- it is impossible to do multiple jobs at once. I wouldn't effectively be able to do either job well. I go over the details of what you want before the big day and in order to fit everything in our timeline we need to stay on track with time and so you don't feel like the photographer is rushing you- its so much easier on everyone (you, the groom, and ALL your other vendors) to have someone to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes! It's all about keeping it a wonderful experience for my clients!

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